A Tender Approach to Life



Lin-Yen Chou

Interview & Text
Vivienne Lin

Quinn Wu
Shih-Han Chen
Berty Lin
Chuck Chiu

Special Thanks
Jamy Mond Industry Ltd.
Wen-Chen Lee
Tai Fu Textile Co., Ltd.
Shun-Li Chen
Chun-Hsien Chen


What sparks our life is something that can awaken our senses and generate lasting memories. Especially in this digital age, we tend to appreciate an experience offered by the concrete presence of a delicate object more. It is in such an era that we understand better what the philosopher Walter Benjamin referred to as “a work of art”. Those subtle nuances that make an object unique and hard-to-replicate by mass-production, are what we treasure about an artistic creation. The Zeitgeist as such, therefore, inspired a creation of the HUNDR. collection named Aura Encounter.  

Crafted with an artisan's approach, this collection is made of an ideal fabric that fulfills every aspect that the HUNDR. designers ever wanted for a multifunctional garment, namely skin-friendly, stretchable, and wrinkle-free. To have a material meeting this high standard that is rarely seen in the market, HUNDR. chose to work with JAMY MOND INDUSTRY, a Taiwanese textile mill with an excellent long-standing reputation, for fabrication of this textile.




A true challenge, the production of this fabric is not an easy task. To meet these preferred qualities, the multi-fiber blended textile, combining the advantages of natural and cellulose fibers, need to blend four different kinds of materials, including Tencel™ Lyocell, cotton, polyester, and linen. The complexity of the production process deterred many companies from attempting. Mr. Lee, owner of JAMY MOND INDUSTRY, agreed to face the challenge, not only because he was interested in developing new materials, but also because he had extensive industry knowledge and production resources to support this ambition.



Mr. Lee explained in the interview that the challenge came from the blending of natural fibers, with the friction of the manufacturing process typically generating pills. Moreover, as different fibers absorb pigment differently, it increases difficulties in the dyeing process. Even though it was challenging, Mr. Lee still managed to resolve the problem with pilling by using a machine equipped with six shuttles. He also found a perfect formula to successfully dye the multi-fiber blended fabric. 





The textile designer of HUNDR. explained that such a material, with a delicate and soft touch while being wrinkle-resistant, is moisture-wicking and breathable. It is therefore ideal for clothing made for tropical or subtropical climates. Following the company's founding spirit of embracing warm minimalism, the collection is cut in modern silhouettes and features a sensational simplicity that can serve either as home dress or outdoor casual wear in summer. The clothing design is mostly in unisex styles with a variety of choices- from camp shirts, Henley shirts, and boxers, to chic V-backed slip dresses. HUNDR. offers a lovely selection of quiet colors such as Lunar Rock, Glacier Gray, and Sunrise Pink. With the mix-and-match approach made possible by HUNDR., you can create your own gentle unique look by combining your favorite pieces. Every little thing tells a story. With HUNDR., make amazing memories and tell your own story while experiencing life to the fullest.